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  • Yakusoku (Fuuma version) - Yakusoku is a song about things that are lost but whose memory remains to be treasured. There is a version song by each kamui's seiyuu. While Kamui's version is a ballad, the Fuuma versio is more of a rock song, complete with guitar riffs. It should be noted that Suwabe Junichi was not exactly what you'd call a trained or experiened singer when this song was recorded. ^^;
  • X Character File - Features Narita Ken as Fuuma. Translation can be found at Hyu!.


  • Fuuma about to kill DaisukeFuuma kills Saiki Daisuke (Xtv) - This is one of my favourite scenes from the anime, because Fuuma sounds just so wonderful; Suwabe Junichi did an excellent job.