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Criminal GraceCriminal Grace - Very comprehensive shrine to Sakurazuka Seishirou.

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Fuuma-related links

  • XTC - My shrine to X. General info, character profiles, tarot analysis.
  • Hyu! - Translation site, featuring mostly CLAMP series. As far as X goes, they've translated several Character Files (including Fuuma's), and the last 5 X installments that were published in Asuka.
  • Be With You Scans - CLAMP scanlations, including X.
  • Rabi's X Page - One of the oldest remaining X sites. Contains lots of information, including text translations for volumes 1-14.
  • Raw - The only other Fuuma shrine online (that I know of at least).
  • Just a Little Ecchi - Fanart by the wonderfully funny Ko. There's quite a bit of Fuuma, and other X characters as well (especially Keiichi and Kamui).

Just a Little Ecchi