As You Wish: Monou Fuuma Shrine

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Angel's Fall

Chapter 3

After Fuuma walked out the door, Subaru stayed in the room long enough to finish his cigarette. In his mind’s eye he could still see Fuuma arched back, a loud moan escaping his lips as he came. Subaru ran a hand lightly over the wet sheet. It was just like Fuuma to leave him a mess like this.

As he finished his cigarette, he could no longer feel the ghost of Fuuma’s touch on him, but his body still ached for it with a painful intensity. Funny, how his mind could be this numb while his body was this aroused.

He got up and headed out of the room, pausing for a moment on the threshold.

“I’m glad you know what you want. Sakurazukamori.”

Subaru flicked the cigarette stub away in irritation and headed for the bathroom.

He hadn’t bothered to zip up his pants, so stripping took less time than usual. He stopped in the act of stepping to the shower as the mirror caught his attention. He met his own mismatched eyes, emerald green and honey brown shinning at him from the other side of the mirror.

Subaru could never hold his own gaze for very long. To others he presented a cold, impassive façade, but those eyes... those eyes were the only ones that seared him straight to the heart. The only ones he could never hide from.

He turned on the shower as he got inside. Cold water made wet trails down his slender frame.

His hand wandered across his chest, down his stomach, and then lower still. He was still aroused, and he knew it wasn’t going to simply go away, cold shower or not.

He closed his eyes as he grasped his erection. His hand was clumsy and unsure at first. In the numb void that his life had become, there was hardly ever any need for him to do this. His nights, both sleepless and not, had been filled for years by dreams inspired by his encounters with Seishirou; but not any more. He had become as seemingly empty of desire as of anything else.

He needed those dreams now, he needed a fantasy. Physical stimulation was not enough, or rather, he was no longer able to make it enough. When he was sixteen, his mind would conjure up Seishirou’s honey brown eyes as he imagined the older man’s hands and lips touching his body.

"You’d like a taste of me wouldn’t you?"

The water trailing down his body could have been caresses, the hand stroking him could have been someone else’s. But the face behind his eyes wasn’t the one he had expected.

Bright, golden eyes instead of honey brown, that held the promise of wishes, and something darker too.

Seishirou had been like a greek sculpture, beautiful but cold, with an enigmatic smile and eyes that revealed nothing. Fuuma’s, on the other hand, revealed too much. His voice might be like a smooth, cool caress, but his eyes held fire.

If contact with Seishirou had turned Subaru to ice, what would touching the fire that was Fuuma do to him?

A strangled moan escaped Subaru’s lips as semen spilled over his hand. The image of Fuuma arching his back, writhing as he brought them both to the brink, was still in Subaru’s mind.

Fuuma, abandoning himself to orgasm in a way that Subaru could no longer match.

Then again, had he ever truly let go?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Arms encircled him from behind, pulling him back against a tall, strong body.

“Subaru-kun... just /what/ have you been up to tonight?”

He turned quickly, a blush suffusing his cheeks as he came face to face with the man behind him. For a moment confusion made him dizzy, for some reason he had been surprised to find that it really /was/ Seishirou here with him.

The older man took Subaru’s hand in his, and slowly slid off the black glove covering it. Subaru’s blush deepened, and shame replaced the last lingering trace of confusion.

There was semen on his hand.

“Is this yours, Subaru-kun?”

“Se... Seishirou-san, I...”

“Shhh,” the fingers of Seishirou’s other hand over his lips silenced whatever he had been about to say. “Of course it’s yours. I can tell. It was on his hands too, and I knew then that it was yours.”

Subaru attempted to step back, but the grip on his wrist tightened, and the older man pulled him into an embrace. Subaru’s body tensed, just like it always did at first when Seishirou touched him.

“My silly little Subaru-kun, why do you even bother to try? Fuuma can’t give you back what you lost, because I’m the only one that can.”

Subaru whimpered as Seishirou massaged the back of his neck in slow circles.


“Because he told me himself. He said that your true Wish is something that only I can grant.”

Subaru’s hands tightened into fists at his sides and he bit back a sob. He didn’t understand why, but hearing those words made him feel lost.

“I forgive you. I don’t care if you want to play with Fuuma.”

“You... don’t /care/?”

“Of course not, Subaru-kun. I can share my toys.”

It wasn’t clear who he had just called a toy; Subaru or Fuuma... or both. Subaru suspected it was later.

Seishirou laughed, low and amused. “Did you really believe I give a damn who you want to fuck? You really are cute, Subaru-kun.”

Seishirou tilted his head upwards, almost as he were about to kiss him. Subaru saw himself reflected in Seishirou’s eye - What happened to his other eye? -. A teenage boy, easily pretty enough to pass for a girl, dressed in a red trench coat and tight fitting black body suit.

Funny, why hadn’t he noticed the bandage over one of his eyes?


The older man was no longer holding him, and without the support, Subaru sank to his knees, burying his face in his hands.

“Really, Subaru, /what/ did you expect him to say?”

Subaru drew in a sharp breath at the sound of the new voice. Although “new” was hardly a proper word to describe his twin sister’s voice.

“That... he loves me. That’s all I ever...”

“Loves you?” Hokuto took hold off his hands, pulling them from his face. She was kneeling on the floor in front of him. They were in the living room of their apartment in Tokyo. “Do you think you deserve his love Subaru? Or mine?”

He was speechless. Was he imagining a hint of scorn in her voice? Her smile was the same as ever... or was it?

“I thought you did. I thought you deserved it more than anyone. There was someone else that needed it more, and I turned my back on him for you. I gave my life for you.”

Hokuto was no longer smiling.

“Hokuto-chan, I...”

“As it turns out, I wasted my life for you. I wanted you to live, and look what you’ve become.”

She was standing over him now, her arms crossed beneath her breasts. “You’re so ungrateful, Subaru. Wanting to get from Fuuma what is only Sei-chan’s to give.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The yumemi watched the scene unfold before him. For a second, when the dream-Hokuto mentioned someone that had needed her love, Kudzuki Kakyou had felt his heart beating wildly.

It wasn’t that he had actually believed, even for a second, that it had been the real Hokuto saying that... but... if a product of Subaru’s subconscious spoke about him... it must mean that /she/ had told her brother about them...

“No, I can’t let myself believe that,” he whispered to himself. “It means nothing. I can alter dreams. My own desires projected on an unshielded mind...”

The ethereal young man turned his back on the twins and the apartment faded around him, replaced by the endless labyrinth of screens of his dreamscape. His paper prison.

He wasn’t surprised to find someone waiting for him.

“Back from visiting your girlfriend, Kakyou?” The Kamui of the Dragons of Earth was leaning indolently against one of the screens. “Don’t you get tired of the whole look but don’t touch deal?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand it. Seeing as how you subscribe to the ‘I see, I want, I take’ mentality.”

The young man stepped closer to Kakyou. “While /you/ subscribe to the ‘I’ll just spy on her brother’s dreams and jerk off behind a screen’ mentality?”

The slap hit the Kamui squarely across the mouth. The golden eyes blazed in for a moment, but if it had been anger, it was lost in gales of laughter.

“Feisty tonight, I see. Maybe I should have come straight to you instead of playing with our new Angel.”

“Your new toy disappoints you? How sad. And here I thought you might actually forget about me.”

“Forget about you?” long fingers combed through Kakyou’s long hair, then came to rest softly on his cheek. “Hardly. I could never forget /you/.”

“I’m touched.” Despite the scorn in his voice, Kakyou allowed his eyes to fall closed as the Kamui bent to nuzzle at his neck.

“...And Subaru is not disappointing in the least.” The voice was husky and tickled the yumemi’s ear. “In fact, he’s quite entertaining. He’ll be a rather fun playmate.”

“Then why are you here?” Kakyou’s eyes remained closed, and reigned himself in from wrapping his arms around the young man’s neck as the Kamui pressed their bodies closer together. “Or could it be that Subaru doesn’t /want/ to play with you?”

“Oh, he wants to play. He just needs to realize that big boys like him don’t need to ask anyone’s permission.” A hand tangled in Kakyou’s hair, and his head was pulled back. The Kamui licked his way down the exposed neck, dropping a kiss into the hollow of the yumemi’s throat.

“In the meantime, I can always play with you, Kakyou.” Hands wandered to the opening of Kakyou's robe as the young man called Fuuma purred against the smooth, white skin.

Monou Fuuma was a name Kakyou never called him by.

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