As You Wish: Monou Fuuma Shrine


As You Wish was born, albeit in a fledgling state, in 2003, when became my main domain and I decided to make separate sites dedicated to X and Fuuma. It remained rather small for awhile, but in the past year in particular I've been devoting more time to it once again, and it's slowly starting to match what I imagined it would be.

The layout was designed on Photoshop and coded on BBEditLite (a text editor for Mac). Both the design and coding were done entirely by me, Mura. The content was written by me unless otherwise stated.


What this site is

As You Wish is meant to be both a tribute and (hopefully) in-depth analysis of Fuuuma. I will always strive to keep the facts accurate, by which I mean I will not pass off "fanon" as canon. As for the analysis, it is, of course my opinion, based on years of observation and obsessing. You are, of course, free to disagree with my particular interpretation of Fuuma and his actions. ^_^


What this site is NOT

This site will never be a media archive. I will put up scans for illustration purposes, share a little bit of audio and video trips if and when I feel like it, but it will never contain a huge gallery or provide free scans of the manga or anything like that. I want this site to be about content, not a simple download hub.