As You Wish: Monou Fuuma Shrine


FuumaAs You Wish is a fansite dedicated to Monou Fuuma, the "Dark Kamui" of CLAMP's manga series X (also known as Ekkusu, or X/1999 in english).

Fuuma starts out as the protagonist's old childhood friend and within a very short time, he ends up as his opponent, the apparent antagonist of the story. While it is very easy to write him off as the villain, Fuuma's role in X is much more complex than that, and that's what I would like to explore in this site.

Lastly, this shrine includes information on all three versions of Fuuma: the manga, the movie and the TV series; however, the heaviest emphasis is definitely on Fuuma's manga self, which is, in my opinion, more well-rounded (this makes sense, since it's the original, and since the tv series and the movie were both made with the manga unfinished). What this means is that there will be mentions in here of events that someone that has only watched the movie or series may not familiar with.