As You Wish: Monou Fuuma Shrine


Narita Ken

X movie & X Character File (1996)

The first seiyuu to bring Fuuma to life was Narita Ken, in the X movie and the X Character Files (a series of drama CDs featuring the 14 dragons of X). I think Narita Ken is a fine seiyuu and in general did a fine job... my one complain is that his Fuuma ends up too much I am evil, so I will sound manly and evil, complete with evil cackle, but not a whole lot of depth or insight. But then again, at the time that he played Fuuma, the character hadn't really been developed.

Suwabe Junichi

X anime series & OVA (2001 - 2002)

Let me be clear on one thing: Xtv has many faults, but I will forever thank its creators because the gave me the perfect voice for Fuuma. Yes, Narita Ken, is a good seiyuu... but Suwabe Junichi killed me with his portrayal of my favourite character, so I hope readers will forgive me for fangirling extensively.

It's actually fairly amusing... I liked him well enough, but I wasn't blown away (much like I wasn't blown away by pre-awakened Fuuma either).

And then he awoke...

My god, that was... the auditory equivalent of love at first sight. Except it wasn't really FIRST sight, but you get my meaning. Suwabe Junichi has an amazingly sexy voice, and suddenly, from one moment to the next, he lets the full impact of it loose, much like Fuuma's power is suddenly released. In my mind, in fact, the two are now forever link: Fuuma's awakening and that amazingly sensual voice, both strong and like a velvety caress at once. Not to mention that despite the fact that the series ends up flattening Fuuma (although not as bad as the movie), Suwabe still injects the role with a multitude of layers through subtle changes in his voice.

Kishi Yuuji

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OAV (2007-2008)

Like many other CLAMP characters, Fuuma has appeared in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. At any rate, the tv series' run ended before Fuuma appeared, continued in OVAs. Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations is the name of the Tokyo arc of TRC, and the first episode was released in November 2007. So far, I quite like Fuuma's new voice.